Review: The Fountain

The Fountain is an incredible film. I just finished watching it. It was one of the three movies recently recommended to me by a friend because of the spiritual messages inside. The other two are Youth without Youth and The Holy Mountain.

The Fountain is about the evolution of a “soul” as it goes from lifetime to lifetime in a non-linear fashion. All of the lives the main character, portrayed by Hugh Jackman, are all interconnected by a love he can never have. His love interest is played by Rachel Weiss. I love how death is represented through the film, and how “eternity” or eternal life is settled at the end. I don’t want to say too much, because I don’t want to ruin the movie for those that want to see it. There are many levels to the movie, and I have to be honest in saying that I probably only understood a portion. I bought the film so that I can re-watch it. It made me cry a few times. Yes, there are quite a few tear jerkers, as it shows that life isn’t exactly fair, and things aren’t always how they seem. I was so happy with the quality of this movie. Hollywood doesn’t quite make movies like this anymore!

Dear friend that recommended the movie, I will give you my full interpretation next time I see you! I just don’t want to taint the reader’s interpretation of the movie with mine.

On a non-spiritual level… The film is visually stunning, and the soundtrack was done by Yo-Yo Ma, so the movie is beautiful on many different levels.

As the ignorant fool that I am = ), I saw a clip on YouTube of this film and didn’t see it since it didn’t do well in the box office and I figured it was boring. Also, I rarely watch television, much less movies, but I’m happy I finally watched the film! This one was worth it.

Next up, hopefully tomorrow, is The Holy Mountain. It is an esoteric artistic film that was hard to find. I hope it’s a bit easier to understand than Kenneth Anger’s films! I’ll let you know what I think.

One thought

  1. I recommend this film as well.It is a souls journey through many life’s to the final conclusion of”the soul’s”journey”, finally finding/fulfilling the final goal.
    Beautiful,well acted,written, spectacular sountrack,and spiritually fullfilling.
    Good review as well.Well put! I agree with all said/written and more.


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