A Letter to my Nephew

My nephew, which I play video games with, pulled a kiddy maneuver which angered me. Being twelve is tough, so I cut him some slack. I was thinking of him being older, and I wrote this for him. He is too young to understand, buy maybe someday it will be appropriate.

Dear Nene,

Sometimes life teaches you lessons that me or you parents can’t. For example, for every action you take there is a consequence. Everything you do sets something else in motion. Also, building trust takes years, but losing it only takes a moment.

Life’s lessons are hard, and they usually don’t come in a pleasant form. Unfortunately, life isn’t fair, and your innocence and sensitivity will be a detriment to you. I know because it was for me. You and I are very similar, but you won’t understand that for years to come. Your sensitivity will give you great insight into people, but it will have to be honed by suffering. Being twelve is hard. You are faced with forging an identity, dealing with the cruelty of your peers, and trying to answer an unending stream of questions that seem to never end. I’m sorry to tell you, but those questions never end, and that is part of the wonders of life.

Being a man is difficult. You are faced with worries and possibilities of outcomes that aren’t always favorable. Unlike a fairy tale, things could go sour at any time, and unlike those video games you play there is no resetting or starting over. You find that mistakes in life are just opportunities to make changes in your life. Really, there is no such thing as a mistake that isn’t an opportunity to open another door in yourself.

It’s not all bad. As you grow, you also become smarter and wiser. This through time buys you freedom. This freedom isn’t from your parents. This freedom is actually from yourself. Once you are free you can understand that anything is possible if you set your mind to it. The only thing that lets that happen is a sense of wanting to do that thing. That’s right, all you have to do is care. You will be your greatest power, and your greatest enemy.

At the end you are not alone. All of us, your family, some of your friends, and others that love you will be there for you sometime or another. I can only wish you the best and will do my best to watch you grow and be there for you when you need me.

Love You,





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