The Savage

I have been trying to culture myself. My father calls me el salvaje, the savage in Spanish, and I’m slowly trying to change that. If you know me in person you would know that I usually wear old clothes where the colors have faded, and holes have started to appear. My hair is mostly unkempt, and my beard looks like something out of The Hobbit. I usually don’t care how I look as long as I don’t smell! Mentally I jump from thing to thing trying to find beauty in the simplest of things. I have always enjoyed all types of music especially classical music. My studies have never formally taken me into the world of the finer cultural things like opera, ballet, performance art, etc. So, I decided it was time to delve in those waters.

The first thing I engaged in was opera. I thought opera was classical music with a singer singing the piece out front like Andrea Bocelli does, but I was taken by surprise completely. I conjured my magic crystal ball, YouTube, and looked up Carmen by Bizet. I found a production done by the Royal Opera House. I discovered that opera is like a play, but with beautiful singing. I watched most of Carmen, which had subtitles thankfully, and thoroughly enjoyed it! The classic Habanera sung by the meso-soprano was heavenly.

I was watching television and came across a Volvo commercial that had a wonderful soprano singing something that I thought was made by computers. With a thorough search on the internet I found that she was singing the Queen of the Night aria from The Magic Flute by Mozart. As I watched the aria on YouTube performed by various sopranos, I was shocked that what I was hearing was even possible to sing. I looked up the plot of The Magic Flute and discovered that it is a very esoteric mystical story! I want to watch the whole opera before speaking about the plot. I hope that in my lifetime I have the honor of watching this opera live. I continued to explore ballet, but that is a different tale for a different time.

I usually only read non-fiction texts that have to do with my spiritual studies, but I have started to add some fiction, or what people call the “classics,” to my studies. One day the title salvaje will be dropped, then I wonder what my father will call me next.