How Depression Feels

(This is the translation of my Spanish exercise posted previously.)

Depression is like nightfall. The sun sets and the night comes with a cold that traps you. This night never ends and the cold always worsens. All you want is to feel the warmth, and see the rays of sunlight again, but the sun doesn’t shine. Everything is shrouded in darkness, and you never know what is hiding in the darkness. The mental demons torture you, and when you want to control them with the sword you have in your hand, the sword turns to straw. When you want to stab the demons you discover that they have no substance. You find yourself lost in your mind and the darkness with the cold that never ends. Time seems like it doesn’t exist.

After some time you start thinking that the sun will never shine again. You find yourself putting distance from your family and friends and you think you are alone. You recollect all the bad in your life, and forget the good. You feel like this depression was all you ever felt since birth and will feel until death. You feel that the happy moments in your life were few or never existed. When this starts to happen you feel like all of your suffering is your fault. You think your deserve the darkness, the cold, the torture, and the pain like a prize you have won.

When you can’t deal with the pain any more, you kill yourself. This is the sad reality of many people that suffer from depression. This is why it is important to educate yourself about mental illness.